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Softbait Rigging Tips

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Jig Head

The jig head rig is perfect for fishing around sandy or rocky bottoms, or fish higher in the water. It is really quite simple, just throw it out, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve it back bouncing up and down off the bottom structure, gravel, rocks or weeds, using the rod tip to put action to the bait, or just with a steady retrieve for fish higher in the water.

jighead pic


Using a rubber jig is the perfect combination for the "swimming jig" technique used with steady retrieves and twitching slightly the rod tip. The natural action of this lure combined with the fine cut Kento’s silicon skirt, will help to cover more water and attract all those "reaction-strikes".

jig pic

Split Shot

It’s the perfect rig for ultra clear water and suspended fish. It works perfectly with light baits where a heavy weight would kill the action. It can be used with light lines and spinning gear.

Split shot pic

Texas Rig

With this rig you can get right inside vegetation or around heavy structures just where the big predators hold. The natural attractive power and mobility of the Larva 130 helps to penetrate the cover and keep it moving for a long time. This fishing style lets even the most suspicious fish strike the lure easily.

Texas rig pic

Drop Shot

The drop shot rig allows you a more precise and accurate presentation. The bait will keep contact with the bottom and will appear natural and fluctuant just like a real bait.

The drop shot works well at any speed, but a slow presentation is best. You can drop it down to fish in deep water, tighten up your line and shake the worm right in front of the fish. When you shake the rod tip the bait shakes and jiggles more than on any other rig.

In shallow water it is best to keep your rod tip high to raise the bait further off the bottom. The higher the angle the more distance between the bait and the bottom. Hold the rod tip high and twitch and jerk the rod tip imparting action into the bait.

Drop shot pic

Wacky Rig

This rig will give the bait a more natural sinking action when rigged with an insert weight on one side of the body. It will move erratically when retrieved but will return in the same vertical position after the stop.
It’s the perfect rig with light gear when you need a different and unusual presentation.

Fish this rig slowly, cast out then let the bait free fall for a few secounds. Then shake the rod tip approximately 4-6 inches up and down repeat this a few times, then continue to let the bait free fall.
If you haven't had a strike, continue to let the bait free fall. Repeat this until the bait either gets to the bottom or falls into the zone where you think the fish are. It's the bouncing that gives the lure a unique action that will trigger strikesI

Wacky rig pic

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